Thank you Mr. I live for Him. Have received the information, and will do according to your advise. Andrew will be writing you all the details. The Fellowship is doing fine in Malawi and Mozambique and we thank and praise the Lord for all your support. The borehole is supplying more very clean water safe water to many unreached groups. People are traveling 60 to 90 minutes long coming to drawing water from this borehole, and there is a great transformation because The Fellowship leaders are using this borehole as a way of presenting the kingdom gospel for the unreached villagers who are coming to get fresh water. Thank you for advance for more donations for more Bibles in the future! Will be praying for God to bless you and guide you in these ministries.
24/ Seven,



The following is the latest report from Malawi and Mozambique.


Dear brother Duane,
First of all, I would like to thank and appreciate for the Kingdom Living teaching materials which I receive weekly on internet to use in The Fellowship Bible Study sessions and also in The Fellowship Bible Schools of Malawi and Mozambique. They are timely and life changing teachings that have impacted alot in all The Fellowship Bible Schools and study centers. People are greatly touched and inspired by the teachings and are motivated to work hard in the preaching of the gospel. They are filled with the power of God and His anointing and are performing wonders,miracles and signs wherever they go. Fire of God is burning elsewhere and their services are specialized by healings and deliverances.
Many people having failed at Hospitals from different disease are healed straight away in our study centers. Even those suffering from very deadly diseases,such as skin cancer,tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS are being healed. In Mozambique we have 47 living testimonies of people who are healed from such diseases.
???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? In Malawi,we have now 21 The Fellowship study centers in more Districts and Communities. All these centers are full of people and increasing in number almost every time. The Fellowship Pastors and leaders group has grown up to  96 leaders coming from different villages. We are growing daily and many people are coming to Christ who are also joining our The Fellowship Kingdom living teaching sessions as new students and baptisms are just very often.
As you will be coming in September,expect a great change and numerous miraculous testimonies from these centers.
We also thank you very much for the donation of $380 which you sent. For your information in Mozambique,this ministry is also serving as a refuge camp to many people. Because of some wars that are happening there,many people are flocking to our The Fellowship Bible School Centre for safety since the army troops don’t go where people are praying.
Thus the donation you sent played a very important  role to this centre as it helped us buying blankets and food to distribute  to these victims.
We also appreciate very greatly for your commitment to share our need with Brother Faluade. To our surprise he sent us $200, which also reached in time when we were in big problems of lacking food for our refugees students at this Centre. May God bless you richly,
As we told you that we were molding bricks at this centre to build The Fellowship Bible School in Mozambique, now we are very pleased to report that the building is at window level. We really requesting you to stand with us in prayers so that we can get money to buy iron sheets, because that’s our great and desperate need as at the moment. Please! Help us pray for this need. We know our God can do greater things beyond our expectations.
May the Lord bless you all,
In Him,


UPDATE: February 14, 2014 10:50 AM

Subject: Mission Trip to Uganda April 23rd to May 5th

Hello Folks, we greet you this fine day here in Texas,

During the last few years God has opened up nations in Africa for them to receive the Gospel message of God’s kingdom. In this, a door has been open for us to minister in Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi and Mozambique, which we have gone through, having been favored by God for such a ministry. In this, Alex, a native of Kenya continues to affect Kenya with this gospel having continuous results. Moses, a native has also continue in the increasing ministry in Rwanda where we need to return.

In Malawi, Charles, a native of Malawi, continues going forward as the kingdom message reaches across Malawi, especially in the rural villages. In this, two Fellowship Kingdom Training Centers have been raised to meet the need for training local men and women to minister to their many villages. The continual results are that many villages are receiving Christ and having an impact on the villages way up in the bush where very few ministers are willing to go. The testimonies I receive from them are very heart warming. In touching these bush country folk, many are coming to the training centers which instruct and teach God’s kingdom as they use the writings sent them from here as their teaching tools. In this, further visits from time to time are necessary.

From Malawi, when I was first there, three young men for Mozambique came for the teachings. What an impact upon them as they heard these kingdom teachings. They were touched in their spirits and from then to now, they returned to Mozambique and begin teaching these truths to the locals. This resulted in Charles going there for a meeting which resulted in a group being formed which is now in the process of building a much need building for training and services. They, themselves make the mud bricks by hand as they also build the building with their own hands. What hungry folks these are. This has also resulted in a need for another training center in another area of Mozambique being raised up for other men and women to receive training in God’s kingdom truths which is having such an impact there.

This has led us to another door that has opened for us to now go into Uganda. The writings which has been sent to the training centers in Malawi and Mozambique have ended up in the hands of David of Uganda. After some time of him receiving the teachings on a weekly basis David now desires for us to come to his country. This open door has much promise as David desires to establish a time of teaching and training for the many people, including the many pastors and teachers across Uganda that are in fellowship with him. In this, there will be many in attendance which will result in have an impact upon the nation.

According to this open door and the extent of those participating, an important need has arisen. The need is for funds to bring in the native ministers for a week long leaders conference. This speaks of travel, food and the other essentials which are needed. While the people of Uganda live on a poor level, they willingly sacrifice themselves, but the need is greater than they can bare. In this we are coming to you asking that you will prayerfully consider helping us to meet this need. This open door has a need that we might reach them at this time and if you desire to help now is the time. Let us go through the open door togather. To this, I give you thanks as we also very much need your prayers and please stand with us.

Send any offerings to:
The Fellowship
96 CR 42310
Paris, Texas 75462

The approximate need is around $4000.00 American.

Following is a copy of David’s latest e-mail:

Hello Duane,
Thanks very much for your reply.
It would be very good for you to be the only one sharing during morning hours and evening hours.
And we also want you to have enough time to share whatever the Lord will be leading you to share.
And as I told you we are organizing something which will make an impact in the nation of Uganda and we don’t want just to waste your coming because it is an opportunity God has given us at this moment and we want to use it maximumly.
That is why the meeting will cost us and we have tried to use very cheap ways as possible.
There are many things to do and even us who are hosting you we are now contributing to see that we meet some of the need like the venue of the meeting which will take place in Kampala.
We have organized that when you arrive on Thursday night, the next day we will be going to Iganga which is around 100km from Kampala where our first church is that you teach in the evening of Friday and teach on Saturday and Sunday and then come back to Kampala on Monday that we begin the leaders conference from Tuesday to Saturday and after the conference you minister on Sunday in our church in Kampala.
Please send me some of you photos.

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