Hello Sons of God’s Kingdom,

The below picture is the cover of a book I have written as I received it from the Holy Spirit concerning God’s will and purpose. A purpose He has willed for His elect, the first-fruits of God for that Day of the Lord. One purpose for the writing is to use the proceeds to further and enhance the work that has been accomplished in the nations of Africa. These nations are those whom God has encouraged us to participate in as to the building up of the Kingdom of God. These nations, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda, and Rwanda, with fellowship with those in Nigeria are mostly poor villages in need of teaching, Bibles and food along with other needs. In the sale of this book, all sales, 100%, will be used to meet needs as they become needful. Therefore, if you might have an interest to help, while enjoying the reading of these truths concerning man’s destiny. This also will encourage those of Africa and be of help in meeting their needs. This book can be ordered through my e-mail address or from the following address:

The Fellowship

96 CR 42310

Paris, Texas 75462

The total price for the book is $12.00 with checks made out to “The Fellowship” The book will be sent out as soon as possible. In this we thank you and send God’s blessing upon you. Also we continue to request your prayer for us and these nations of Africa.

In Him I Live,



Brother Duane Stewart has been a faithful minister of the Gospel of the Kingdom for many decades. Grounded in the word of God, he delivers a profound message of the deep things of God. He has a vision for the coming forth of the sons of God in this last day. We thank God for his faithfulness to deliver the prophetic word of the Lord in this end-time hour.

Bro. Duane is being led into many countries in recent years to ministry the truths of the Kingdom.

Please help support this ministry:

Duane Stewart
The Fellowship
96 CR 42310
Paris, Texas 75462


Duane & Almeda

Duane & Almeda

BIO on Brother Duane: The results of receiving an inspirational call from God to prepare for a Christian ministry at the age of twelve, I, because of shyness as well as a lack of understanding, rebelled from such a life-style that began my search for life by traveling the world for another twelve long years while looking for fulfillment. While involved in all manners of worldly pleasures in looking for some kind of fulfillment, I found none, so in returning back to the United States and allowed myself to respond and renew a relationship with God by yielding to that earlier inspirational call from God. In responding, I spent time in educating myself in preparing for said ministry of the gospel. This time of preparation has lasted now for forty-nine years as I have found out that learning God’s ways are a never-ending process. In the process of this preparation, many changes in my life have taken place as the requirements of God restrict a person from any type of freewheeling life-style such as I had participated in. As the old rebellious habits were progressively broken, God began to use me in areas of ministries that were used by God to help restore some of those who could have been considered my former peers, peers of an old rebellious, unrighteous life-style. Thus, these ministries include as follows which now includes for the last ten years a writing ministry that circles the globe with the kingdom of God teachings:

1. Evangelism Director of Teen Challenge of Arizona – a drug rehabilitation center.

2. Founder and Director of “Searchers End” – a ministry established for helping “street kids” during the Hippy-Era of drugs and the free-love society.

3. Established a program entitled “C.R.O.P. – Christian Rehabilitation Opportunity Program” – a program used for the purpose of returning these “street-kids” back into the educational system to gain an education as well as job skills through technical and community colleges.

4. Have built two church buildings and was Pastor of four church groups – with two said church groups the results of the restoring and rehabilitation of the persons who eventually became the ministry at these church groups.

5. Have also traveled the nation for over twenty-five years ministering at various Christian Convention groups as well as some foreign International groups.

6. Have also been involved as one of three other elder ministers of a new forming Christian gathering entitled “The Fellowship”. This ministry involved outreaches in the form of rehabilitation and overcoming training centers. We shall also help in the establishing of teaching programs to train those interested persons in preparing for ministries, which could also reach out to the ones they could formerly, call “peers”.

7. Have been and am still involved in ministering Kingdom Life to nations as Scotland, Romania, and Africa (seven nations). In two of these African nations, God has encouraged us to help establish training centers among local natives in training them for the ministry. In this, there are already four training centers established and growing daily.

Our Vision also includes:

1. A local Dream Center for deliverance and spiritual establishment – for ministry, education, and job skills. This has already been accomplished and is up and running.

2. Local employment programs – seeking out business owners to receive help and support in enlarging the program.

3. Desire to establish businesses to help support outreaches and the teams for the various outreach ministries. Businesses that shall also help rehabilitated persons in forms of employment.

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  1. Sorry to be so late in discovering your fine teaching! I am now 85, thrilled to be enjoying my relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. I am a retired physicist and a disciple of the late Ray Stedman. Perhaps you know of him? Raystedman.org. I aim to catch up on all your work and essays. God bless you. Lambert

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