Missions Report

“The Fellowship”

96 CR 42310

Paris, Texas 75462

Hello Dear Friends,

While many of you have been receiving our writings for several years, most of you are not aware of the outreach ministry of “A Word for the Gathering Saints”. This outreach ministry has become part of the vital ministry of God in increasing His Kingdom here on earth. Some years ago, God, starting with an invitation to visit Nigeria, begin to open many other doors to the nations of Africa. These nations at this time include visits to Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, and brethren from Nigeria visiting Kenya with many other nations of the world just receiving the writings that we send. These writings, for many, are what they themselves use for teaching and training materials.

The purpose of this letter is to extend an invitation to you in receiving and having an awareness of the outreach ministries as well as an opportunity to support and become a vital part of these ministries. These ministries of God are now affecting each mentioned nation in the establishing of God’s kingdom for their area. In just a few short years, held conventions have resulted in many cities, towns and villages hearing and receiving ministry concerning God’s present-tense kingdom. These places are the results of teaching the native ministries and then God sending them forth to proclaim, “His kingdom is at hand.” Thus, the continual increase in these ministries is determining the need for increased assistance.

The travels made to these countries have resulted in spiritual growth, which creates many needs. Gathering places, while some gather outside without buildings, are a need. Some have older buildings in need of repair to accommodate the increase (while being happy with what they already have, increase is demanding repair). This also includes personal needs for ministry and family because of the increase of their outreach ministries. In Uganda, a school for orphans is in need of much repair or the government is threatening to shut them down. To help in Uganda they started a local bank, established by the ministry, with just a few local dollars to help supply and meet needs. (This need only brings in about $80.00 or $100.00 per month to help pay teachers and feed the children). This school is the only available teaching tool and meals for these orphans; it remains their only source of security.

In Malawi, a training center is the results as many young men and women attend and receive training concerning the Word of God with emphases placed upon going into the entire nation proclaiming, “The Kingdom of God is at hand”. These students are immediately taking that which is spiritually enlightened and received back to their own villages. The results are groups of people now established in their villages with places of ministry and worship available where there was none. These students, as they go into the bush country villages with the gospel, they are seeing God manifest Himself among the people with signs, wonders, and supernatural expressions. In some cases, spiritual darkness and its ministers of darkness (witch doctors) are forsaking their old ways and turning to the ways of God. These are also testifying of forsaking the using of curses, even unto death upon people, and now proclaim God as becoming their God.

Also, three young men, attending the training center of Malawi, students from Mozambique returned to Mozambique where they began spreading the gospel of the Kingdom of God. This resulted in them calling Charles (a native minister from Malawi who heads up the ministry in Malawi) to come with a team for a weekend meeting. This resulted in such a large attendance of people who accepted the message ministered, creating a need that they eventually had to find a place for regular meetings in Mozambique. This resulted in many coming and receiving training as they are now going forth to their own areas in ministering God’s kingdom. Because of such response among these people, the need for a meeting place and a training center became necessary. How and what did they do? By hand, they began forming mud bricks to erect a structure for their meetings. In this, a need arose for a needed roof to keep them in the dry. Through prayer and hard work, God supplied according to the need. They now have an enclosed building used for meetings and their training center.

Meanwhile, also in Malawi and Mozambique a continual need exist. Beyond a need for ministering God’s Word, a great need is food for orphans as well as others. Another pressing need is the need to enable them to purchase Bibles for the ministers and students. They are able to purchase Bibles in their own language for $10.00 per bible. This purchase price is much cheaper than sending them from the USA. While among them, when handing out Bibles, their expressions express gratitude with much thankfulness because many have never owned a Bible. Many have never hoped for such a gift but now they own one. Also, the need exist for bicycles among them as a form of transportation. I was told, in talking with some of these ministers, they would walk up to ten miles or more one way to minister and then have to walk back home. In this God has supplied some with bicycles for their ministry and journey. When told of this, I asked myself, would I walk ten miles just to preach and then be willing to walk back home? What about you, would you walk miles to minister and help God’s people?

In supplying the training centers with materials needed to help in teaching the truth of God’s kingdom, God has enabled us in writing and sending them lessons needed for instructions that aid them in their teaching. They receive the teachings, print them for the students and pass them out for each to receive necessary instructions that are in agreement with God’s Word. This likewise becomes an expense and an additional burden to prepare the material for the many students. Friends, the events and increase among all these people is phenomenal as the light of God’s kingdom is shining and these natives are hearing, receiving and going among the harvest field gathering up the harvest.

In the countries named, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya and now Southern Sudan, they are very poor countries. These countries are in great need with some having wars, but they remain willing to be and go as they are constantly responding to God sending them. While, in my heart, a great burden exist for other parts of the world as well, these mentioned countries are actively participating with continual increase, having a vital existing need for increased help, as they minister God’s kingdom in each area. While having many needs they simply remain faithful to what little they do have? Can we help?

Please consider before God what He might have you do in the area where the need is so great and God is using them with tremendous success. God, in reaching the native people is using them as He raises them up. Meanwhile, many more doors are opening for us but we can no longer go it alone. In this, most of you have received the writings, the teaching materials for quite some time. Therefore, you know the message of the kingdom of God we write about and send around the world to most every country while reaching many peoples and nations. These many in training use the writings as teaching tools while gaining understanding of God’s present day word and revelation. In this, we shall continue to write and go as God so sends. Will you be willing to help?

Note that offerings of help which are sent and that which is received while on ministry trips go completely and totally to support these outreaches. Therefore, if you so desire to be a part of the increasing ministry of this great work of God send your support to:

The Fellowship

96 CR 42310

Paris, Texas 75462

While there are many other successful and manifesting stories that we could share, I ask you to forgive the length of this report. While, having never asked for support in this manner, the increase and continual opening of other doors are requiring a need for steadfast help in fulfilling those many opportunities. In this, I thank you and ask that you also check out our web site.


I live only because of Christ in me as we minister the cross of Christ that makes available full salvation that also establishes His Kingdom here on earth.

Duane Stewart



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