“God’s Harvest”

Rise up O God and make us whole,

Rise up O God within our soul.


A new creation man, birthed from God they shall be,

A new man now walking for this world to see.

God’s holy nature now birthed from within,

No longer the Adam man, manifesting his sin.


A new man now walking in God’s holy light,

A throne room dwelling is now our delight.

Establishing with God, a kingdom now come,

His kingdom authority now manifesting through some.


Called a company of Priest and Kings they shall be,

Birthed as God’s man-child the world shall now see.

Giving their lives for this world of carnality,

God’s new heaven and earth overcoming this principality.


In God’s nature and purpose, this new creation now stands,

His firstfruits harvest, make up this Overcoming band.

In these living ones God’s kingdom now reigns,

Removing from mankind all corruption and pain.


A new heaven and earth shall now be our life,

God’s kingdom established, removing all strife.

A kingdom from God being full of peace

Now living in Christ, from Adam released.


Standing in God’s presence, now His holy light,

God’s kingdom rulers filled with power and might.



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One Response to “God’s Harvest”

  1. Lida says:

    Thank you Father. You are fsithful

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