“Your Destiny – God’s Will and Purpose”


Hello Sons of God’s Kingdom,

The book, “Your Destiny – God’s will and purpose” which I have written as I received it from the Holy Spirit concerning God’s will and purpose for man. A purpose He has willed for His elect, the first-fruits of God for the Day of the Lord. One purpose for the writing is to use the proceeds to further and enhance the work that has and is been accomplished in the nations of Africa. These nations are those whom God has encouraged us to participate in as to the building up of the Kingdom of God. These nations, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda, and Rwanda, with fellowship with those in Nigeria, are mostly poor villages in need of teaching, Bibles and food, along with other needs. In the sale of this book, all sales, 100%, will be used to meet the needs as they become known and needful. Therefore, if you might have an interest to help, while enjoying the reading of these truths concerning man’s destiny. This also will encourage those of Africa and be of help in meeting their needs. This book can be ordered through my e-mail address or from the following address:

The Fellowship

96 CR 42310

Paris, Texas 75462

You can also use “PayPal” under Duane Stewart if convenient.

The total price for the book is $12.00 with checks made out to “The Fellowship” with some additional cost for sending internationally or Canada. The book will be sent out as soon as possible. In this we thank you and send God’s blessing upon you. Also we continue to request your prayer for us and these nations of Africa.

In Him I Live,






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One Response to “Your Destiny – God’s Will and Purpose”

  1. mackeysback says:

    Dear brother, Is it possible to do this On-line likened to many other old Christian writings like on Bible Gateway. I cant tell you the last time I actually picked up a real paper back or hardcover book as we do everything on Big Screen as a Help to the physical eyes. We would be more then Blessed with the expense as the Lord allows. Carol and I are thankful very thankful to our Lord for His Faithfulness In you to perform what He said He would do if we remained Obedient to Him.

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