“Throne Room Dwellers”

John 14:23, “… If anyone loves me, he will keep my word; and My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.” God’s purpose in having a temple in which to dwell has never changed. God in His desire to become visible by expressing Himself through His people releases, from Himself, any needed instructions and anointing to make it so. These instructions sometimes come in the form of a reprove, a rebuke and sometimes criticism, to enhance the progress in the building of God’s temple, His dwelling place. For this cause, the Holy Spirit works a work in each vessel, according to the immediate need, to bring forth the manifestation of God’s purpose. That which God began, He shall complete, and all that He purposes will come for the time of perfection is upon us.

Love, that which God is, is the foundation of His temple. As God calls each lively stone forth to become a participator in this temple, it is because of the love that is within each stone. How easy it is, when being forgiven of past sins, when having sins burden removed, to respond to God’s love. How easy it is to withstand evil and to move in a labor of love while the cleansing act of love remains fresh within us. However, let us consider that the mind-set established among most of the Christian community has made church nothing more than ritualistic in its nature. These ritualistic routines cause the spiritual vitality, which spring up from love, to degenerate. This degeneration is a fault that causes a need for God to exhort and warn the church of its coming judgment. Because of leaving their first love, God’s anointing begins to dissipate until darkness replaces light. In darkness, habitual rituals replace life and vitality, with activities without light continuing in becoming the norm. For the most part, these rituals have birthed an exalted group that calls themselves “the clergy.”

The clergy is that group which, for the most part, claims to be of a superior status (not servants to) over the people, to rule over them. This need for superior status, when yielded unto opens the door for confusion in the form of idolatry and spiritual immorality that seduces the people. Nevertheless, unto those who desire to overcome such a mind-set, they have their inherited rights to eat from the tree of life that exist in the Paradise of God. This speaks of deliverance from those earthly orders of man and allows us to partake of that tree called life. The fruit of this tree is LOVE, thus, the eating of this tree is restoring and returning us to our first love. While overcoming suggests combat against the forces of an enemy, it also speaks of coming into perfect fellowship with God. The promise is ours as faithfulness, during persecution and doctrinal error, gives us the rights to God’s throne room. Here, in God’s throne room, the tree of life will sustain us and keep us in the realm of eternal life.

Persecution and tribulation seems to be the way of the true church in this hour. While some Christians have a life-style considered poor economically, there is that place in God wherein they are spiritually rich. While God has promised that the church would be prosperous, a deceiving doctrine of prosperity ministered to the people, takes them out of balance from the true riches of God. This doctrine of prosperity now tainted with the spirit of lust; represents an order other than God’s true order. Being out of balance opens the door for the enemy to challenge the true prosperity God has ordered for His people. While most Christians do not know the inside of a prison house, nevertheless they are becoming prisoners to a perverted order that persecutes the true order of God. However, in this time of testing, being found faithful to the truth of Gods Holy Word lifts up that vessel to the throne room wherein they receive the crown of life, the joy of life eternal, and the true riches of God. Having victory in an overcoming life enables them to dwell in the throne room of God.

While many, among the Christian community are still pursuing the doctrine of pure righteous living, a vast number is willing to compromise for the sake of external worldly success. God is not interested in numbers as much as righteousness. However, with numbers and economical gain looked upon by the world as becoming successful, this they pursue and God is not pleased. In this mind-set, ministries are willing to incorporate natural, carnal means to promote church success at the expense of the people’s spiritual well being. In adding half-truths and worldly mind-sets to church constitutions and by-laws, these remove the anointing of the Holy Spirit from their gatherings. Even as it was in the days of Eli, the High Priest in Israel, when the ark of God’s presence was gone from the tabernacle because of rebellion, the children of Israel were satisfied to maintain their rituals on Mt. Shiloh without the ark, God’s presence. Likewise today, with many held prisoners to the ritualistic forms of today’s gatherings, they remain satisfied with the empty functions of their services without the presence of God. In this, they open their doors to doctrines of confusion that replace the true pure Word of God. Where is the light that God intended to shine forth into the world? Unto those who willfully remain faithful, Jesus, the true “bread from heaven,” is available outside the institutionalized camp. Those who are willing to break free from the death houses of carnality, God promises to become food to eat and deliverance unto full salvation. This salvation changes spirit, soul, and body. In this salvation, the receiver receives a new name after the nature of Christ, as faithfulness writes God’s nature upon the heart of the believer. Herein the believer ascends into the throne room of God to know a life of purity and righteousness.

With judgment beginning at the house of God, in looking further into today’s Christian community, we find a mind-set that is willing to tolerate the cult activity of idolatry and immorality. Today’s church is dwelling in a season of God when judgment is coming and is even now at the door. In this God encourages us to keep the faith. Meanwhile, these ministries have and are allowing the spirit of Jezebel to permeate the church. That is, they are allowing another gospel to manifest through false teachings that led the people into literal and spiritual fornication. Herein, we see a church that is full of spots and wrinkles. Sin allowed freedoms that produce a sickly body of people that only live lifestyles, which belittles the true body of Christ. However, remember Elijah, God’s prophet who stood steadfast against the perverted enemies of the true spirit of God. Again we are seeing the prophets of God in this day raised up to declare, “Where is the Lord God of Elijah”? Unto those who remain faithful and hold fast to the truth of God’s word, they shall stand as ministers of God to release the power of God’s kingdom. God’s kingdom is a kingdom that shall rule and bring to naught the Jezebel doctrines that promote worshipping another gospel. These faithful ones shall stand in the throne room order to usher in the dawning of God’s new day. This new day is the beginning of a day when God’s kingdom rules over all God’s creation.

How does the world look upon today’s church in general? When we consider the many church buildings the world sees scattered across the cities, towns and villages of the world, in nations where there is such freedom, what is it that these many buildings portray and manifest before the world? In most cases, these church groups are far from the powerhouse church we read about in the book of Acts. Where is the powerhouse church that manifested in such a way that its effectiveness turned the known world upside down? Do men say in general, as they now see the church with its country-club mind-set, this church has a form of godliness but denies the power thereof? Nevertheless, as it has been down through the ages, God has always had a people whose faith continued to burn bright as they remained steadfast in the cause of Christ. Though licentious religiosity exists, the faithful ones are allowing their lights to shine forth. God remains faithful and in His faithfulness, He brings about changes in each vessels make-up, as they remain faithful to Him. Maturity comes to its stage of perfection and robes of righteousness become the manifestation of each vessel. A redeemed people who now live in God’s eternal day, His throne room.

The history of the true church of our Lord, though a remnant in size has remained faithful from generation to generation. These ones are ever walking, according to God’s revealed word, in faithfulness as each generation moves on in continual spiritual growth. Moving from line to line, precept to precept, seeing the Christ more and more as He truly is. In the process of seeing and knowing Him, each vessel becomes more like Him. In processing into spiritual maturity, an open door becomes an entrance into the consummation of the kingdom of God. In the opening of these doors, God preserves His people to dwell within His throne room as a strong tower, a strong tower people who become the nature of God in manifesting His glory. Here we have a people who, because of death to the self-life, they only move in complete obedience to the Father, an obedient people who have ceased from living under the curse of fallen man. These people have put carnality and fleshly appetites under their feet as they walk in the glorious presence of their Father.

What is it that this faithful church is to separate from? Is it not to separate from that spirit of apostasy that the prophets spoke about concerning the last days? With God’s plan and purpose established from the beginning, we have the assurance that its purpose shall never fail. God’s enemy and all his emissaries have always desired to defeat God’s purpose in creation, but have never been able to defeat Him in a direct face-to-face conflict. Therefore, they now seek to defeat God from within His ranks. That is, through the called body of Christ, the church. How, but by the carnal minds that desires to counterfeit the true and living God and His Christ by using so called angels of light through doctrines of complacency with carelessness being engrained within the camp. As always, half-truths are used to corrupt God’s people with deceptive traditions, again to encourage a people to have a form of godliness but having them deny the power of God. A time of separation is come, a time to open our hearts to Christ as the Holy Spirit prepares a meal for the called ones whom He justifies and glorifies. Herein this remnant stands forth to receive their resurrection bodies in the overcoming of death in all of its degrees.

Unto the overcomers, God declares, “Come sit with me on my throne.” Therefore, there are those who, through faithfulness, they ascend into the throne room realm to dwell in the presence of Christ. These, in overcoming, have conquered all enemies who have desired to deceive the whole world. These have gained victory, in Christ, over death, hell and the grave. These are the overcomers, the throne room dwellers. Rev. 12:10-11, “Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down. And they overcome him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.”

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